Jeremy has been involved with acting since grammar school and continues to feed off the addiction.  Since 1997 when he helped propel Deaf Poets Society at the Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle, he has performed American Sign Language literature professionally on a national scale. His involvement over the years with several theater and film projects has made him eager to take it to the next level with the upcoming production of Broken Spokes.


With a Masters of Fine Arts from the School for American Crafts at R.I.T in Metal sculpture, art in all its forms has become a consuming passion for Jeremy. Inspiration comes from sharing his appreciation of nature in the great Pacific Northwest with his wife, Annette and their dogs.


As a teenager, Katie Roberts was a full-time member of the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) Roadshow to the point of obsession.  This obsession paid off as she had the opportunity to travel to Canada, Holland, and Belgium as part of the performing troupe.  She also performed in nearly every stage performance during her time at MSSD. She never did anything else than work on her lines, took her naps backstage, and she never got a tan.  She loved every minute of it!  Her life’s journey took her far away from the stage, but she has always craved to be under the spotlight again, and she is honored to return to the stage after twenty years to work with talented and seasoned performers such as Jeremy Quiroga and Howie Seago.  Katie has honed her skills as an ASL teacher, where her students will assert that she is absolutely shameless about acting out scenarios as a teaching tool.  Broken Spokes is a welcome challenge for her not just theatrically but also as a linguaphile.



Howie Seago’s professional credits include acting, directing, writing, producing, and teaching theatre arts for over 40 years. He was featured in Beyond Silence, Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film (1998). He has worked with notable directors such as Peter Sellars (Ajax, The Persians, Biblical Pieces), Barlett Sher (Skin Of Our Teeth), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Little Flower of East Orange), Bill Rauch (Hamlet, Music Man, Merchant of Venice), Robert Wilson/David Byrnes (The Forest), Robert Woodruff (The Tempest), and on international tours with the National Theatre of the Deaf.  He has performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Kennedy Center, La Jolla Playhouse, Public Theatre (NY), Intiman (Seattle), Brooklyn Academy of Music, Seattle Children’s Theatre, among others. He also appeared in The Legend of the Mountain Man (ASL Films), and The Deaf Man (David Kurs). His television credits include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hunter, The Equalizer, and Rainbow’s End. He was a recipient of the Helen Hayes Award,  Dramalogue Award, and Joe Velez Memorial Award.   He was the inaugural emcee for the first Deaf Way Festival and also for the first WORLDEAF CINE Festival.


He is currently an Artist in Residence for the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, and will return for his sixth year with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2014.